Saturday, January 3, 1998

Boudinot-Bradford House

The Boudinot-Bradford House, located at 207-209 West Broad Street, was built in 1803 for Elias Boudinot. Boudinot occupied the house in 1804, accompanied by his daughter Susan Boudinot Bradford, widow of George Washington's Attorney General, William Bradford.

The house was originally single mansion standing on 10 acres of land. Boudinot planted a variety of trees on the grounds, and a pair of Chinese porcelain lions guarded the entrance. The halls were decorated with portraits and statuary, and Boudinot maintained an extensive private library with a marble mantel depicting Apollo and the Muses in bas-relief.

After Elias Boudinot's death in 1821, Susan Boudinot Bradford occupied the house until her death in 1851. In more recent years, most of the land originally purchased with the house was subdivided and sold, and the house itself has since been divided into two conjoined private dwellings.

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