Thursday, July 1, 1999

Grellet House

On the corner of High and Federal Streets stands a reproduction of the Grellet house, built by area lawyer Louis Colaguori. The original house stood on the corner of High and Library Streets, and was the home of Etienne de Grellet du Mabillier, better known as Stephen Grellet.

The house later served as a boarding house for some years, its most notable tenant being Miss Kitty Balester, a student at nearby Van Rensselaer Seminary, who went on to marry author Rudyard Kipling. In the mid-twentieth century, the house was moved a short distance down High Street. Only one wall of the original house remains, serving as the north wall of a building which once housed the local offices of Public Service Electric and Gas. Those offices are now housed in the new Grellet house, along with the Colaguori law offices.

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