Thursday, January 1, 1998

Samuel R. Gummere

Language Educator

Samuel R. Gummere was a Quaker educator and textbook author in the early 1800's. He authored texts on spelling, grammar and elocution, and in 1826, founded the Gummere Girls' School at York and Penn Streets in Burlington. Three years later, a building was erected on the Green Bank to house the school.

In 1833, along with his brother John Gummere, John's son Samuel J. Gummere, and Dr. John Griscom, formerly schoolmaster of the Burlington Friends' School, Samuel was instrumental in the founding of Haverford College.

In 1836, Samuel sold the school to a board of trustees. The next year, it was sold to Bishop George Washington Doane of Saint Mary's Church, and became Saint Mary's School for Girls.

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